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Tide & Weather Reports

Kennebunkport Tides and Weather

We get asked all the time, “What’s the weather going to be like?” and whether that be about tomorrow or a week from now, we always rely on these sites to help us determine when the best days for paddling and biking are going to be.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is our go-to site for weather conditions, predictions and national and local radar. If a storm is coming, we’ll know; if it’s going to be beautiful, NOAA’s on top of it. Check out their page yourself at Our ZIP code here is 04046 for Kennebunkport, and 04043 for Kennebunk.

Ever wondered, “What’s the tide like tomorrow? Two weeks from now?” We get this all the time. We also get, “what the heck are tides?” quite a bit. Basically, at certain times of the day there’s water here, and other times there isn’t. The good news is that it’s very predictable, and we use these awesome charts from US Harbors to tell us exactly what’s going on. Put in Kennebunkport, Maine on the home page and they’ll give you a nice chart display of all the tides in a chosen month.

You can never have too many radars. Seriously. Wunderground is another nifty service that shows up-to-date radar images. Just type in our location (or yours) to see what’s happening there, and if paddling is going to be awesome or dreary that day.