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Franciscan Monastery

The St. Anthony Franciscan Monastery is one of the most serene and scenic locations in Kennebunkport. It's an active Monastery that has been in continuous operation since the land was purchased by Lithuanian in 1947. Now, the site is open to the public for mass, as a retreat center, or simply for a beautiful walk through the well-kept paths that crisscross the land. On the tour, you will become acquainted with St. Anthony, the patron Saint of the Monastery, and the unusual circumstances surrounding his burial and the later analysis of his remains.

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church

This amazing stone church was constructed in 1887 using stones gathered from around the site. It now stands as an active church, and one of the most sought-after wedding locations in Kennebunkport. The Bush family attends services here, and the church has a distinguished history of over 100 years of use with only minimal restorations. On the tour, you will become acquainted with St. Ann, grandmother of Jesus Christ, and her relevance to the Christian faith.

Walker’s Point

This prominent peninsula that juts out into the middle of Kennebunkport’s rolling waves is, almost without comparison, one of the most well-known and frequently visited locations in town. Home to the Bush family since 1902, the house has been the center of national attention as the summer home of choice for not just one, but two Presidents. You will learn about the fantastic history of the peninsula itself, as well as the family that calls it home, and you will come to understand the impact that the Bushes have had on this otherwise small and unassuming town.

The Cape Porpoise Pier

The pier at Cape Porpoise is a truly fantastic location, surrounded by the ocean and boasting an incredible view of the Goat Island Lighthouse. Cape Porpoise, the original English settlement of Kennebunkport, has been almost continually inhabited since the 1620’s. The Goat Island Lighthouse which can be easily seen from the pier, has been in operation since 1833, and it had a keeper until 1990, making it the last station in Maine to avoid automation. On the tour, you will learn the history of the Lighthouse and its relevance to the town’s inhabitants, and experience the thrill of the ghost story that accompanies its tale.

The Old Kennebunkport Townhouse School​

This incredible one-room schoolhouse served the community for 51 years, and there are still quite a few people in the area who can recall coming to school here. The schoolhouse was once slated for destruction, but a massive fundraising effort throughout the town has since saved it and continues to preserve it into perpetuity. On the tour, you will learn of the tragic near-loss of the school building, the importance it holds to the town, and a general summary of the history of one-room schoolhouses in the United States.

The Wedding Cake House

The beautiful Wedding Cake House, known as ‘the most photographed house in the state,’ has a rich history going back to its construction in 1815 by shipbuilder George W. Bourne. Inspired by the Gothic architecture of the Milan Cathedral in Italy, the intricate framing of the house was all meticulously hand-carved by Bourne, and stands as a grand testament to his skill. On the tour, you will learn all about the history of the house & some of the most popular stories and legends that go along with its construction.

Guided Scooter Tour Price

Please Note: There is a $ 85.00 charge per reservation for late cancellations or no-shows for Tours

Four Stop Scooter Tour
$70/per scooter
  • Franciscan Monastery | St.Anne’s Episcopal Church | Walker’s Point | The Wedding Cake House
  • Scooter Tutorial Included
  • Helmet Included
  • Water Included
  • Map Of The Tour Route
Six Stop Scooter Tour
$95/per scooter
  • Franciscan Monastery | St. Anne’s Episcopal Church | Walker’s Point | The Cape Porpoise Pier | The Old Kennebunkport Townhouse School | The Wedding Cake House
  • Scooter Tutorial Included
  • Helmet Included
  • Water Included
  • Map Of The Tour Route