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Kayak Instruction

Kayak Instruction at Coastal Maine KayakAll of our instructors are Registered Maine Guides. Our instructors have years of experience teaching kayak instruction at all levels. We feature Rescue Clinics, Navigation Workshops, Rolling Clinic, and Private Instruction. Join us for a fun and safe learning experience!

All classes meet at the kayak shop. Contact Coastal Maine Kayak to reserve your spot in the next class.


Rescue Clinics

Be prepared to help yourself and fellow paddlers! Learn basic safety and rescue techniques in this ½ day class.
Attendees will learn:

  • Wet exits and Capsize recovery
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • Self-rescues with paddle floats and slings
  • Re-entry and roll
  • Assisted rescues, including T-rescue, X-rescue, and two kayak rescues
  • Towing another kayak
  • Safety equipment & preparedness

Join us at near-by Cape Porpoise for a fun-filled, learning experience. Bring your own kayak, or use one of our boats. Expect to get wet!

3 Hour Course
Fee: $125.00 individual
$99.00 group rate (2 or more)


Navigation Workshops

Learn navigation skills in a relaxed environment. We will spend time in a classroom setting, then head to the water to practice what we have learned. Class includes:

  • Chart and compass
  • Navigational aids
  • Finding and keeping track of position
  • Plotting courses
  • Weather, conditions, tides, drift
  • Trip planning
  • Navigating at night, in traffic and in fog

Fee: $125.00 individual
$99.00 group rate (2 or more)

Rolling Clinic

Nailing a kayak roll helps the paddler gain confidence in their skills, as well as serving as an important self-rescue technique. Learn from a Registered Maine Guide the body, paddle, and boat position necessary to achieve a roll. Practice in a protected setting until you are ready for more advanced conditions.
Optional gear: Mask, nose plugs, paddle float, wetsuit

3 Hour Course
Fee: $125.00 individual
$99.00 group rate (2 or more)


Private Instruction

We offer instruction for individuals or groups. Lessons are provided by a Registered Maine Guide. Learn the foundation of skills needed for safety and enjoyable recreational pursuits. Begin a lifetime of kayaking, or join us to polish your skills.

Private instruction allows you the opportunity to focus on the skills you need help with. Lessons can be integrated into private tours, to include bird watching or island visits, full or half-day. Families and groups welcome!

All classes include:

  • Paddling safety and use of equipment
  • Basic paddle strokes needed to efficiently move a kayak through the water
  • Launching and landing the kayak
  • Introduction to how body, boat and blade all work together
  • Basic body mechanics and efficiency of stroke
  • Forward and reverse paddling
  • Sweep strokes
  • Draw strokes
  • Turning strokes

We encourage students to practice a deep water wet exit and an assisted re-entry.

Intermediate and advanced classes include:

  • Stroke Work – technique and maneuvers for efficiency
  • Turning on the move
  • Edging while turning
  • Advanced maneuvers
  • Capsize Recovery
  • Deep water assisted re-entries

Fee: $125.00 individual
$99.00 group rate (2 or more)

Contact Coastal Maine Kayak to schedule your private instruction.