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8 Western Ave, Kennebunk ME
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Dahn Designs Greenland Paddles

About the craftsman

These beautiful, hand-crafted Greenland paddles are created by local woodworker Scott Dahn, a wood artist of 30+ years. A skilled wood turner and fine woodworker, Scott produces furniture and home decor pieces that are contemporary and timeless. His most recent accomplishment is, of course, the Greenland paddle.


The Process

Made from light-weight western red cedar with various hardwood splines and tips, each paddle is shaped by hand and sanded to a fine finish. The tips are coated with polyurethane to protect the end of the blades, and the whole paddle receives five coats of tung oil finish.


Buying a Paddle

Each paddle is as unique as the paddler, and while we will have paddles in store for sale, custom orders are always an option. Come in to our store or give us a call, and we can direct you about how to order your own custom-made Greenland paddle.


To see more of Scott’s work, visit